Infertility support groups

The issue of infertility affects millions of people, yet there are different challenges for each person who is forced to confront this problem. Thanks to the latest research and medical treatments almost 2/3 of the couples dealing with infertility problems have been able to conceive and give birth to the baby they so desperately wanted.

As with any health related condition you must educate yourself so that you understand the reasons, causes and possible solutions for your specific reproductive and infertility problems. This will give you the knowledge you need so that you can separate fact from fiction.

You must become pro-active and act as your own best advocate as you embark on this new journey. Study all of the material related to infertility that is available. Investigate the newest fertility techniques. Find out about the latest scientific breakthroughs and research that addresses infertility problems. Ask your physician for advice. Search for answers. Discover the valuable help that infertility associations and support groups are able to provide to their members.

Here are some of the organizations that are dedicated to giving help, hope and understanding to couples who are struggling with infertility. Here is where you will find the compassion and encouragement that will lift your spirits, renew your determination and keep you moving forward.

RESOLVE is the National Infertility Association and the members work tirelessly to help advance new understanding and breakthroughs for infertility related conditions. Membership is always available at no cost. The sign up process is easy and once you have joined you will feel a new sense of determination that comes from knowing that you are no longer alone.

Once you become a RESOLVE member you have instant access to the organization’s wealth of information and resources. In addition to providing compassionate understanding to all members, RESOLVE provides free resources, information and updates about new fertility treatments, medications and experimental techniques.

There are also community based support groups that RESOLVE sponsors across the country. These support groups are a place where couples can share their experiences and feelings about their struggles with infertility. You can choose a group that is led by a therapist or opt for a support group that is totally peer directed.

You can browse the American Society for Reproductive Medicine website and discover names and contact information for top fertility specialists, research institutes and experimental treatment programs. This organization also promotes the advancement of new approaches and research to help with infertility and reproductive issues.

Daily Strength is a newer online support group that offers help and hope to others who are trying to find answers to their infertility problems. You can join for free. As a member you can read the latest news and information about infertility and reproductive issues. There are also online message boards where members offer compassion, hope and emotional support.

The American Fertility Association is another site that you can find online. Membership is always free. This group is dedicated to providing the public with the most reliable information that is available concerning infertility, reproductive and sexual issues. You will find a free support line you can call as well as directories of caring, compassionate doctors. There are also free newsletters that are available.

ICIID is the International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination and the group is happy to provide support and useful information to any couple who is experiencing infertility related problems. You can sign up online at no charge to become a member. You can also find out about the organization’s IVF assistance. ICIID has an in vitro fertilization (IVF) program that covers the costs of this procedure for a limited number of couples.