On Creating a Safe and Healthy Workplace for Your Employees

For many entrepreneurs, running a successful business only means creating high quality products, developing competitive marketing strategies, and gaining good profits. But what most of them fail to remember is that if they should make a worthwhile investment, it would have to be on their employees.

Workplace health and safety is an often-neglected aspect in business as evidenced by these statistics:

Over 2.3 million people die due to work-related diseases or accidents.
Asbestos kills 100,000 individuals annually.
One worker dies every 15 seconds.
Over 160 million people suffer from occupational diseases.

Now if you are an entrepreneur, these alarming numbers should be enough reasons for you to start following these tips that help you create a safer and healthier workplace for your employees:

1) Learn to identify the risks.

Whether you run a factory or office, you should know that risks are everywhere, including those places you think are safe. And since prevention is always better than cure, it pays to identify those threats before they pose harm to your employees. These do not only include those perceived hazards like sharp objects, damaged equipment, or poorly maintained buildings, but also those that could be harmful to your staffs’ health like stress, poor ventilation, and chemicals. By identifying these risks, it would be easier for you to create an effective health and safety protocol for your workplace.

2) Promote awareness in your organisation.

The thing is, identifying risks will not be enough to protect your employees, especially if they do not know anything about them. Therefore, it is best to conduct trainings and workshops aimed at promoting health and safety within your organisation.

Here are some topics that you have to focus on:

Proper use of safety equipment and gear
Simple health habits in the office
Risk assessment and management
First aid strategies

3) Equip your workplace with the right first aid supplies.

Let’s face it; no matter how strict you are in implementing health and safety rules in your office, accidents may happen every now and then. Therefore, it is very important to invest in supplies that will help you give first aid treatment to your employees, should they encounter accidents while working. These include single use instruments Instrapac, bandages, antiseptics, and some emergency medications.

Of course, it always helps to teach your employees some simple health and wellness practices in the office. Encourage them to eat healthy, provide them with comfortable chairs to promote proper posture, and organise activities that help relieve stress. You will definitely be surprised at how much these efforts will make a difference to your productivity and bottom line.